HJC is recognized for its long history of helmet production involving advanced material construction, strength and lightweight performance.
Since 2017, the company has been reinventing high-end bicycle helmets, both in terms of technology and design.
Rapilock is a bicycle parts manufacturing plant. Since 1994, it has specialized in (quick release) design and production, and is widely used in fitness sports equipment, motorcycles, strollers, wheelchairs and sports cameras. The most important thing is the quick release of bicycle wheels.
Bar Fly created the first ‘front and center’ computer mount several years ago, launching a new category in the cycling world.
Bar Fly products are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured to the highest standards using the best available material for the application. We design, engineer and test all products ourselves. Our parts and accessories are designed to enhance and simplify the way you, the rider, connects with your bicycle, giving you more time to enjoy your adventures.
THE BEAN's innovative rear-view mirror Corky is designed by a designer who has won (The Red Dot Award). The Red Dot Designer is one of the world's three major design awards.