Through Axle set for MTB-Front φ15x144~157mm
Price RM279.00
Product SKU RapiLockAxle133
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RapiLock Axle 133 comes with 4 different threads can pair up to 8 different specification covering at least 80% of market sizes for MTB front wheel.

The axle is designed with an intergrated lever. When the lever is not needed to install the axle, it is completely hidden inside the axle body. In this position, the appearance of the bike will be concise and it will also increase the reliability of the locking system by avoiding impact with the lever.


Not only to some dealers but also end users who are having trouble with measuring their axles or what they actually need to replace them while RapiLockAxle provide a measurement guide including 5 different axle lenghts : 105/133/147/154/164mm along with different thread pitches P1.0/P1.5/P1.75 and lengths. With meationed system, we could cover up to 60 different standard.